In order to bring the Dutch brands Zuiver and Dutchbone, of which we are the only dealers in Serbia, closer to all our potential customers and those who already are, we decided to start a blog form. In this way, we will introduce you to the inspiration as well as the trends on the basis of which their furniture is created.

Caroline van Vels, art director at Zuiver, is the person in charge of the brand’s visual identity. It finds inspiration in various shapes and shapes that are all around us but always in agreement and a constant step with the existing world trends of the interior.

Each year there is a central source of inspiration when designing a Zuiver collection, and this great source of inspiration for 2019 is nature. This trend is called Nature Reflection or REFLECTING NATURE.

Odraz prirode
Reflecting Nature


Collection Nature’s reflection means paying honor to colors and materials found in nature. For the year 2019, Zuiver accepts colors such as salmon pink, desert yellow, silver gray, mint green, sandy beige and pure light blue color of the early morning sun.


Terazzo materials
Terazzo material

In 2019 we will see many terrazzo, a composite material commonly used for floor and wall treatments, and consists of pieces of marble, quartz, granite, glass .. exfoliated with cement binder. The thirties of the last century terrazzo was “the mermer of the poor man”. The Zuiver collection was used in the design of the Luigi bistro and side table, and Luigi was named after a man who came to the Netherlands seeking a better life and started his own business, which became successful. He was very skilled in his work and a real master. The colors chosen for terrazzo tables are inspired by nature. The unpainted character of nature is reflected in the irregular pattern and the beautiful variations in color in the material itself.

Texture of the fabric is another interesting topic for 2019. The inspiration was how moss is growing on the walls. This can be seen, for example, in the fabric structure for the cushions Kylie and Cube. Other new fabrics that prevail this year have rough and woven texture. What keeps track of Zuiver’s trend is soft and beautiful on the touch velvet fabrics, but with more robust looks.

On the other hand, you can see a wide range of brilliant surfaces in the Zuiver collection. Nothing is so fascinating and enchanting as the sun that flickers on the water, from there Blink carpet has a beautiful brilliant texture finished with resins. A Shiny Liz side-table is designed to be both – attractive and practical with a roughly wrought-iron metal frame.

Another feature you will see in the Zuiver range is perforation. The inspiration was the mesh curtains that had to be kept closed to create a nice diffused light when the sun was shining, creating an unusual play of light and shadow in the interior. There are many possibilities for this kind of game, for example, pay attention to the Mai Zuiver lamp.


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